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DealerOps is proud to be founded by industry veterans who are familiar with the day to day struggles of working in the retail automotive business. With our combined decades of experience, we help craft solutions that make it easier to stay on top of your day to day tasks. Let's chat!

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Jason Miller


Atlanta, Ga

John Johnson


Atlanta, Ga

Alex Masten

Brand Manager

Atlanta, Ga

Brian Hurst

Sr. Integration Specialist

Atlanta, Ga

Andrew Block

Database Administrator

Atlanta, Ga


Steve Eggett

Division Manager - Sales

Salt Lake City, UT


Jonathon Fink

Director - Client Engagement

Salt Lake City, UT

John Martin

Implementation and Support

Salt Lake City, UT

Charles Snyder

Client Engagement

Las Vegas, NV


Jason Holcombe

HR/Accounting Manager

Atlanta, Ga

Greg Lopez

Admin Assistant

Atlanta, Ga